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Why is important to clean the yard before Winter.

With winter around the corner, like every year we have to start winterizing our homes. Cleaning the fallen debris and the leaves is crucial for our lawn. Leaves can actually kill your grass if they prevent the soil and roots from absorbing nutrients, water, or fertilizers. The leaves can reduce the amount of sunlight the lawn receives.

  • Leaf piles can prevent proper air circulation.

  • If leaves prevent water evaporation, mold can grow, causing more harm to your grass.

  • If leaves are not cleared, they can cause your grass to grow weaker.

  • Here are some tips to help you with your fall leaf removal.

Use a leaf blower and bag them. Gathering leaves using a blower can be much more efficient than using a rake. However, keep in mind that you will still need to remove the leaves and place them into a bag so they cannot blow onto your lawn.

Our Vancouver Island lawn service team will mow the leaves and bag them.

If there are a lot of leaves on the lawn, we may want to mow the leaves instead. This can allow us to cut the grass and remove leaves all at once. It is important we remove the chopped leaves after mowing by collecting them and placing them in a bag. If we mow the leaves and leave them where they are, they can still suffocate your lawn.


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