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Cleaning a Rain Gutter


Exterior  Cleaning hassle-free.

Home Cleaning done the Xcelcor way, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.


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Roof Moss Removal

Moss, lichen, pine needles, and debris; We'll make sure your roof is free of growth and debris.

Our De-Moss Inhibitor Spray system will kill off any moss that may be growing on your roof.

We will then clean off the rest of debris that may still be on your roof.

Find out how Xcelcor can take care of you!


      Algae is our worst enemy. Well not anymore.
With our new Softwash system we can take care of it.
This low pressure cleaning allows the products to do all the hard work.  Whether it's your roof, siding, retaining wall, or driveway; Xcelcor's Softwash will gently remove those tough areas.
Want to know more? Contact us and let us explain why Softwashing is the right choice. 


     Clogged & dirty gutters are just plain annoying!  Throughout the year, it is important to keep all of the gutters and downspouts in good working order.  With Xcelcor’s gutter service we ensure to inspect, clean and clear out your gutters so that when the rain and winds return, your gutters will be functioning the way you need.

As part of our gutter cleaning services, Xcelcor will clean the inside, outside, downspouts and we will ensure the water is draining properly.

Call Xcelcor today and we'll take care of them for you!


Having trouble seeing through your windows?  It must be time to have your exterior windows cleaned!


Xcelcor has the best equipment needed to safely clean your windows the first time.

Sign up for our regular window cleaning services.  We offer yearly, quarterly, and even montly servicing.

Call us today for any of your glass cleaning needs!

Window Cleaning


Has the colour of your siding changed over the year?  Over time, siding gets dirty and will change colour.  This is caused from weathering, dirt, black mold, algae and other types of organic growth.  When it comes to cleaning your siding, Xcelcor uses a softwash system to detail your siding.

Unlike competitor companies that will use high pressure power washers, Xcelcor’s softwash system ensures proper cleaning without the unnecessary damage to your siding.

Give us a call today. We'll make your home shine again!

power washing

     Whether you need your drive-way, walk-ways, pool decks, or pavers, we are the right company to get the job done.

We use only the best equipment. You will be amazed at how well our surface cleaners give a nice even clean.


Xcelcor will make your home look like new!  Call us today and let us show you what you've been missing!


Quickly becoming one of the most popular Xcelcor services.  Sealing your pool decks, patios, walk-ways or drive-ways will not only improve the aesthetics of your property but it will add years of protection to concrete/stone surfaces.  Whether you're interested in it's protective qualities, or just want to see your concrete shine, Xcelcor has you and your concrete covered.

Call us today and let us show you how your driveway should look!

small repairs

Sometimes there are small repairs to be done to a roof or to the gutters.  When these issues arise, we can help with certain aspects but most repairs we will need to be referred to one of our professional sub-contractors that handles these issues properly.  Our interest is in making sure your home is cleaned & repaired by the proper professional.  
Just ask us about your repairs, we'll make sure to direct you to the right people.


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