MOWING program

Interested in a mowing maintenance program?

Xcelcor offers weekly mowing programs to care for lawns of all sizes.


Using professional lawn equipment, Xcelcor will trim your lawn as well as edge along all walkways, driveways,

and patios.


Give us a call to discuss setting up a weekly mowing program for your lawn!




Providing your lawn with essential nutrients is an important step to maintaining healthy growth. Xcelcor offers multiple treatment options to continue balanced fertility throughout each season.

Our Treatment Programs are designed to deliver the best performance suitable for each unique lawn. Xcelcor offers Fertilizer Application, Moss Treatment, Prevention Application, and Lime Treatments.


Call us today to set up your Soil Core Test. This will tell us the pH levels of your soil and allow us to determine which treatment will work best for your lawn.



Aeration is the process of increasing air circulation to your lawn's soil. The aerator removes small plugs of thatch which allows nutrients and water to penetrate down to the root zone.


This increrases root activity, allowing the roots to branch out and grow in less compacted soil. The result? A thicker, greener, more evenly growing lawn!

Who doesn't want that?

Call Xcelcor today to take the first step towards a beautiful, healthy lawn.



Power Raking helps remove the dead debris that builds up and crusts on your lawn over the winter. It also stimulates new growth, by slicing through the surface stolons - resulting in a thicker lawn.


Xcelcor recommends Power Raking in early spring, before the new growth has started. Paired with Overseeding, these services are a great way to refresh your lawn.

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Need to repair damaged areas of the lawn? Does your lawn look thin or unhealthy?  Are weeds invading the grassy areas of your yard?

It may be time to improve the quality of your lawn with Xcelcor Landscape Overseeding Services.  For the best results over seeding needs to be done in early spring, later summer or early autumn and preferably after de-thatching, rolling and aeration as the warm weather and well ventilated soil encourages better seed germination.  Ask one of our experts today about overseeing your yard!



Power Edging - initial year at the beginning

Fall/Winterization - we blow out the irigation lines in the winter time, clear from all water and water is shut off to prevent break/burst/freeze

Spring Start up - Coming to check all irigation lines and heads to make sure there's no damage or cracks or leaks and making sure it's ready for the new year. We also double check, adjust and set the sprinkler system to coincide with their Xcelcor lawn cutting program.  This prevents over-watering and provides the right amount of water for a healthy yard and landscape.


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