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Xcelcor Services offers pest control solutions for both residential and commercial properties.  We provide a vast number of services to help identify, solve and control common pests that have adapted to the communities of British Columbia.  Our highly qualified and trained pest technicians are trained and certified to help ensure your pest issues are addressed in the best way possible.

Whether the issue is a nest of ants in the driveway or nest of wasps in the eaves, Xcelcor Services Pest Control Division will use the best methods, products and technology known to help create solutions to the pest issues at hand. With all of our services, customers are kept informed step by step as we help solve the issues that pests create.  For your peace of mind, Xcelcor Services guarantees all aspects of control within each of the services offered.


Rodent Control for rats and mice is a common need in our communities.  As rodents pose a variety of issues around homes and businesses, Xcelcor Services helps to keep these pests under control with the highest quality extermination services at a reasonable rate. 



Ant infestations can occur at a moments notice.   If you are tired of having ants in the kitchen, bathroom or around the other areas of your home, there is a solution to proper ant control.  Xcelcor Service's premier pest control service will help control any ant situation that arises.  One of our well-trained, certified staff can help assess the issues and design the proper pest control program for your needs.    

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Bed bugs! This is a common pest that can truly create havoc and concern to anyone who has unfortunately been introduced to these pests.  Xcelcor Service's pest professionals can help with proper indentification, treatment, prevention and ongoing control of bed bug infestations.  As this is a pest that can reproduce and spread quickly, call us today for the best solutions!



Wasps around the home can be a common occurrence.  Often these nests are hard to reach and active with stinging pests that are difficult to control.  With Xcelcor Services, wasp control is not only possible, we guarantee it.  Our pest professionals can help you understand how proper control is possible. 

Call and speak to us about your specific needs and we will help you get these pests taken care of.



Have pets? Have fleas become an issue for your pets and home?  Leave the solution to the pest professionals at Xcelcor Services.  Our service solutions will allow you and your pets to get back to a life the excludes the fleas!

Find out how Xcelcor can take care of you by taking care of the pests!



There are a variety of different species of spiders in British Columbia.  Spiders are a beneficial pest that help control other insects.  However, we know that there are situations where even spiders can get out of control and a solution is needed.
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With every Exterior service performed on your roof, we will gladly inspect your entire roof.
If we find anything that requires repair, Xcelcor's Technicians have the skill set to take care of any gutter leaks or those concrete roof tiles that keep cracking.
If a more serious repair is needed, we'll make sure to direct you to the right people.

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